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Date:               May 2, 2016
                  Timber Ridge Owners
             Dave Ellis, Board President
          Annual Meeting

                                    SAVE THIS DATE

 This is to formally notify you that the 2016 Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, July 24,  2016 at 10:00 a.m., in the Aspen Square Conference Room (617 East Cooper Avenue, Aspen, Colorado).

The owners packet will be forwarded to you in June via email or snail mail as previously requested.         

      If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, or are not sure if you can, PLEASE FILL OUT THE PROXY FORM when received,  AND RETURN IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO OUR PROPERTY MANAGER, Ron Erickson  (600 E.Hopkins Ave., Suite 203, Aspen, CO  81611).  The FAX number is (720)293-7778.  If we have your proxy and you do attend, the proxy will be voided.

      If we don’t have your proxy and you don’t attend, we might not be able to conduct the business of the Association.      Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Please Read This:    Recycle Document



Free Timber Ridge WiFi Access

The system is NOT designed to support multiple video (Netflix, etc.) streaming.
Please don't do it, so ALL can use the Internet for web browsing and email.

How to connect

There are 4 WiFi hot-spots available on the mountain side of the building.
When in your unit, please follow the steps below for good Internet connections:

1)       First try to connect to SSID = TimberRidge

(open access points, no password needed at this time)

2)       Once connected, you can try to walk back towards your bed room and see if you can stay connected.
This may not work, however. In that case, you need to be closer to the mountain side windows,
where the WiFi signal is strongest.

For additional technical support, you may call Aspen Hi Tech  at 970-925-1322.



  Aspen Resort Accommodations


This property is managed by  Aspen Resort Accommodations

For information please call us at (970)  925  4772      or  email us

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